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Geetha Chanting - Kids Senior Class
Online Classes - Sundays

drag-child Age 11 to 17 Years

calendarSep 10, 2023 - May 12, 2024

clock04:50 PM - 05:45 PM CST

  • Sunday

  • Attendee(s): $0.00


Chinmaya Mission San Antonio

Location: This program is online


Geetha Chanting Senior Kids Class


a) Starter kids class: Sunday 4:50 pm - 5:45 pm


b) Open to all kids ages 11-17 years classes done over zoom


c) Participants will learn to chant the Gita with emphasis on pronunciation. Senior kids teach the new verse to starter kids in break out rooms. Meaning is discussed briefly and a 2 min pop quiz is done at the end of class to make it fun for the kids. Each participant's learning is monitored with regular assessments at the beginning of class. Senior kids are provided with some reflective thoughts based on the Gita verses to apply the learning to their lives. Private extra classes are taken individually for those who need more support to bring them to par.


d) Primary text: Swami Chinmayananda's  commentary on the Gita. Pdf copies of the pronunciation in English with accents (IAST) and Samskritam is provided


e) Audio recordings of the verses are shared in Google drive