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Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2022

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calendarAug 19, 2022

clock06:00 PM - 11:45 PM CST

  • Friday

  • Grand Sponsorship: $501.00

  • Garland Sponsorship: $401.00

  • Dravya Sponsorship: $151.00

  • Kalasha Abhisheka: $51.00

  • Sankalpa: $21.00

$501.00 - $21.00

Chinmaya Mission Austin

Location: Chinmaya Sundaram Temple
12825 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78727


Sri Krishna Jayanthi or Sri Gokula Asthami is celebreated in the month of Bhadrapada maasa (August/September). Hindus celebrate the descent of the Lord (Avataranam) all over the world.

Srimad Bhagavatham quotes Lord Brahma extolling virtues of Paramaatma:

satyavrataṃ satyaparaṃ trisatyaṃ satyasya yoniṃ nihitaṃ ca satye (1)    

satyasya satyam  amṛta satyanetraṃ satyātmakaṃ tvāṃ śaraṇaṃ prapannāḥ (2)

We seek as our shelter You O Lord, of true resolve, existing in the past, the present, and in the future, the Source of existence, earth, water, fire, air, space as the Reality underlying them and as the source of all that is Truth.